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Commercial Refrigeration: Maintenance Tips For Your Refrigeration Unit

Once they are installed, commercial refrigerators are relatively simple things to manage. Once the appliance has been connected to the mains power supply and the temperature control has been programmed, you can stock the refrigerator and listen as it quietly hums away in the corner of your commercial premises. While this is true, your commercial refrigeration unit can also benefit from some occasional love and attention to help to keep it in good working order. Read More 

Air Conditioning Repairs | 3 Signs Your Refrigerant Is Leaking From Your Air Conditioner

Leaking refrigerant in your AC is always a reason for concern because it not only compromises cooling, but it also affects the efficiency of your unit. When refrigerant leaks, an air conditioning repairs company will need to identify the source and fix the problem. This guide equips you with signs to help you know if refrigerant is leaking from your AC. Low Cooling Power A major sign of leaking AC refrigerant is low cooling power –– either because you haven't filled it or because of a leak somewhere in the system. Read More 

Quick Troubleshooting Tips for Common Sewing Machine Problems

If you love to sew and have invested in a good sewing machine, it should last for many years without any problems. However, if you're not using it properly or have neglected its maintenance, it can soon start to act up. This is true of a machine you use at home or a commercial machine used to sew garments, to stitch shipping bags, and the like. Note a few quick troubleshooting tips for very common sewing machine problems. Read More 

Don’t Get Tapped Out: Choosing Materials For Low Budget Bathroom Taps

When it comes to renovating a bathroom on a tight budget, the materials you choose are all-important, and you should do your best to find a decent balance between low prices and practical durability in the materials you choose. The materials you choose for your new tapware are no different, and while expensive, high-end materials such as copper and granite may be out of your reach on a restrictive budget, you can still find taps made from strong and attractive materials at a much lower price point. Read More 

Fire Outbreaks When Using Electric Iron Boxes: Simple Ways to Prevent Them

Electric iron boxes are among a variety of electrical heating appliances that make life convenient at home. Just like most of the other electrical heating appliances, iron boxes also pose some hazards when they are in use. Fire is one of these hazards. If proper care and attention are not given to iron boxes, there are incidences where they can lead to a fire breakout. Thankfully, you can stay safe by minimising the chances of such fires by doing the following things: Read More